Scuba Diving

The lush tropical seas around Malaysia are rightly famous for their abundant and colourful marine life. And one of the best ways of experiencing this wonderful new undersea world, up close and personal, is scuba diving. Diving in Malaysia is among the best in the world; and the Perhentian Islands offer some of the best diving off Peninsular Malaysia.

So what are you waiting for? Why not try out diving when you come to BuBu Perhentian? Our two resorts on Long Beach are only a short walk from several well established dive centres. Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to try out diving (Discover Scuba Diving) or become a qualified diver (Open Water course), or an already experienced diver seeking to expand your skills or simply to enjoy some excellent fun diving, the Perhentian Islands have what you are looking for!

One of the great things about Perhentian is that the dive sites are only a short boat ride away. Walk to your chosen dive centre, gear up, hop on the boat off the perfect white sand of Long Beach, and within 15 minutes or less you can be at most of the dive sites, ready to plunge into that clear blue water. This means that you can do one dive a day, and save the rest of the day for a relaxing time on the beach; or two dives; or even three or more if you are very keen. The choice is yours.

Perhentian’s dive sites may be close at hand, but we can promise you plenty of colour, variety and excitement. The islands boast some excellent coral, which acts as a magnet for an array of marine life. The islands also have some excellent wrecks, underwater boulders and swim-throughs. Top sites include the underwater pinnacle Tokong Laut (‘Temple of the Sea’), three huge submerged rocks at Terumbu Tiga or T3, the Sugar Wreck, the Vietnamese Wreck and many more.

What is there to see? Watch out for large schools of yellow snappers, fusiliers and barracuda, as well as pairs or individual clown fish, angel fish and butterfly fish – all of which look as if their wonderful colours have been painted on them by an artist. Be ready to meet face to face with a giant pufferfish, a porcupine fish, or a Moray eel. Marvel as your guides point out to you strange tiny animals, such as gaudily coloured nudibranchs (sea slugs) and red-striped dancing shrimps. Look closer under rocks and you will find nurse sharks and bamboo sharks nestled in their resting places there. You have a good chance too of meeting their larger cousins, blacktip reef sharks, not to mention everyone’s favourite, turtles, as well as huge strangely shaped bumphead parrotfish.

Come to BuBu and experience the undersea Perhentians – some of the best diving in Peninsular Malaysia!